Soru: VERB TO BE teachingk5 7 My name He Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb to be. 1 1 am 2 They 3 The cake 4 My brother 5 They 6 8 9 She The girls 10 They II My sister 12 The bus Clo a doctor. 13 They are 14 It_ 15 You are 16 It 17 My family 18 They 19 The box 201 21 The boys 22 The book 23 I think you 24 She 25 Today die smart people. happy and healthy. in the oven. very tall. Name: from Spain. 18 now. blue. Date: Irina. a talented musician. 112 about the same age. a teacher. hungry. a bicycle. _taller than my dad. windy today. in shock. very supportive. Elif G empty. sad for my friends. still asleep. incredible. funny. a pretty good actor. her birthday. is ? ? 3 am ( are ÇOOOK ACİL LAZIM

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to be filli ajshdhehsus

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